Tilt bikes are the first indoor cycles that interact seamlessly with digital media and live streams.  Digital control of the physical experience and patented tilting and steering enable interactive games, coaching and group sessions for pro cyclists, enthusiasts and the global spin-bike market. 


We partner with Game Studios and interface with cycling apps for entertainment, interaction, and engagement. We also built our own test environment, ‘Planet Fit’.


'Planet Fit

We've built our own test environment for interactive gaming in both VR and non-VR. We called the place 'Planet Fit'. 

Here is where we test out features for interactive, immersive experiences: Downhill, Cities, Racing, Velodrome, Hazards, Power-Ups, Collectibles, Unlocks, Ghost mode…

Unlike others, our equipment can interact seamlessly with sophisticated digital media and user profiles: Harder uphill, accelerate downhill, shift gears virtually, tilt the bike on a bend, brake in case a chicken crosses the road.

We partner with Game Studios and interface with apps such as Zwift for entertainment, interaction, and engagement.