We've built our own environment for E-Cycling to simulate real physics in virtual spaces, test our technology and have fun. We called the place 'Planet Fit'. In the 'Feature Talk' series we're sharing some of these experiences.

What we did

The Tilt Bikes don’t have ‘real’ gears. Instead, they simulate them. On the Tilt Pro, we use actual Dura-Ace road-bike shifters and brakes. So, if you want a climbing setup; you can simulate a nice compact crank and well-geared cassette to go with it. In addition to the virtualized drivetrain, we also utilize the brake levers, just like outdoor cycling. Yet, while it feels like braking, you come to a standstill in the digital environment.

Why we like it

The cool thing about digitization is the (theoretical) ability to simulate anything. Digitized shifting allows you to configure any shifting type you like. Do you want Shimano Di2? No problem. SRAM eTAP? Sure. Campagnolo EPS? Fine. Do you want to simulate a 1x gravel config? Works!


...and it wouldn't be as much fun if we hadn't added a button to fire missiles and trigger oil patches in Planet Fit. Now, that is something your real Dura Aces won't be doing outdoors anytime soon!.

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