Why Muoverti?

The inspiration for the name ‘Muoverti’ comes from a quote attributed to Albert Einstein, which reads in Italian: “La vita è come andare in bicicletta: se vuoi stare in equilibrio devi muoverti”, or “Life is like riding a bicycle: if you want to keep your balance, you have to keep moving.”

Exercise is essential to wellbeing, and so there is a play in Einstein’s words: in life we need to keep moving in our outlook and attitude; and we also need to keep moving physically. Muoverti is passionate about developing ways to enable and encourage physical movement, to bring about a sense of wellbeing, and delight from movement in new and engaging ways.

Muoverti is about exploring new ways to apply technology to movement, to improve the experience, increase engagement and delight in physical movement for our customers through design, innovation and technology.

The bicycle is where we have chosen to start.

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