Tilt Bikes

Finally, the real feeling.

Muoverti's Tilt bikes bring the real feeling of outdoor cycling to stationary bikes.  The patented tilting and steering with full digital media control enables interactive, exciting workouts for cycling pros and enthusiasts and people who exercise but aren't outdoor cyclists.

What type of rider are you?

Socially Motivated? Fitness seeker? Cycling enthusiast? Pro rider?

We don't think one size fits all.

Frame Choices

The central design ideas behind the Tilt Cycling System are choice, performance, and aesthetics. It resulted in a modular design, open to alternative configurations and digital media for various user profiles. 

The product will primarily be aimed at the home market, so both form and function are important. Most home training equipment is ugly, and either consigned to the garage or in need of its own space. The design brief for Muoverti is to capture the aesthetics of the sport, yet be sympathetic to the environment in which the object will be placed. 

We're still working on the final touches but did want to share our ideas. Let us know what you think!

Smart Trainer

The Smart Trainer is part of the Tilt Bike System and makes use of the Muoverti Digital Platform. It can be used stand-alone or in connection with the Tilt Beam.

Direct drive.

The Smart Trainer is engineered as a direct drive. The resistance is provided by the Resistance Control Mechanism (RCM) and applied directly to the rear axle for a realistic cycling feeling and accurate measurements of speed, cadence, and power. 

The RCM can both brake and drive for the simulation of descent, just like outdoors. The brake is very powerful and can generate high resistance at low speeds for simulating inertia. Just like you'd encounter at a standstill and for steep climbs. 

Efficient power flow design.
Physical transmissions such as belts, rollers, and wheels are removed to optimize power efficiency. There is no loss of power to the cyclist’s power flow. This results in a very efficient system that measures performance with exceptional accuracy, without the need for calibration.

No noise.
Without mechanical transmissions, resonance and noise are minimized. This makes the Smart Trainer very silent. 


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